Wednesday, September 19, 2007


After some prep work last night, I began stitching panels onto the bottom of the hull. The first, or bilge panel, is attached by a series of copper wire twist ties inserted through small holes running along the edge of each panel. Last night, I cut coils of copper wire into 4" lengths and folded them around a felt tip marker. Then, a line was scribed along each edge of the bottom panel 3/8" inside the edge. For that, I fashioned a pencil with a paperclip guide. Then along this line, 1/16" holes were drilled every 4" in advance of stitching. Finally, the edge of the panel was rounded slightly by a quick pass with a block plane, following a CLC tip. This will allow less shifting of the panels' corners as they are fastened together.

Stitching would have been best done with a helper, but since I was working solo tonight, I made use of some nylon straps to hold the panel in place while I got enough stitches in it to stabilize it. All the stitches are loose for now. After the sheer panel is attached and the beam properly spaced, then the stitches can be tightened and the fairness of the hull can be adjusted. Total hours: 6.25.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on PVC clamps. They worked very well for me , too.
I also ordered the issues of Wooden Boat magazine that you suggested.
Looking forward to the next installment of your blog.