Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sheer panel stitch

After scribing a line on the lower (opposite sheer clamp) edge of the sheer panel, stitch holes were drilled every 4" along the line. The two panels were stacked back to back to halve the number of drills. I also used my block plane to round the mating edges slightly of the two panels to reduce the tendency of the edges to slip off each other. Then the panels were loosely stitched onto the previously stitched bilge panels. This session went a little easier, since I had an assistant. As the two panels came together at the stern, I fitted in the two bulkheads just to throw the hull into rough shape. Coming next- trimming the sheer clamps at the bow and stern to a bevel, and snugging up the stitched to get the hull into close to final shape. Total hours: 8.00.

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Ron Paro said...

Looking gooood Peter! (and assistant)

I do like the time elapsed video. It adds to the text and images, and moves along fast enough to hold interest.