Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hanging knees

Tonight's simple task was to wire in the hanging knees. On the Mill Creek 16.5, there are two pairs of these angle braces, which will later support the carlin and the deck. My first trial fitting was a great disappointment, until I realised the two pair of knees are shaped differently. I'm sure this is mentioned in the instruction book, but I seemed to have glossed over that. Once I fitted the correct knee in each location, they fit beautifully. I used four copper wire stitches for each knee, and made sure each was square to the hull side and to the bottom panel. After some further stitch tightening and truing of the hull, the interior will be ready for epoxy and fiberglas. Total hours: 10.50.

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HEWY said...

Cool! It is like a Discovery Channel show!!