Wednesday, June 11, 2008

JCH at CLC saves the day with his CNC

The first big goof in building the Mill Creek 16.5 became apparent yesterday as I test fit the side deck panels. After having tested them prior to permanently installing the bow deck, I now found that my haphazard placement of the bow deck left a gap between it and the aft deck panel that was too large to be spanned by the precut center/side panel. The precut parts are cut with excess material to allow trimming to an exact fit, but I used up all that buffer by moving the bow deck panel too far forward. The error left about a quarter inch gap that needed to be spanned. Since I plan to give the deck a bright, or varnished finish, filling the gap with an additional scrap of wood or even peanutbutter epoxy would have been unacceptably unsightly. I had first resolved to order another sheet of okoume plywood and cut replacement parts myself, making them just a bit longer. However, the fine folks at Chesapeake Light Craft helpfully offered to cut a custom panel with the needed extra length. This will be much cheaper than purchasing and shipping an entire sheet of plywood! Thanks CLC!


Kevin said...

Oh My! Another thing to watch out for as I build my kit. Glad to hear that CLC is so supportive.

It's looking good so far!
Thanks for sharing.

Dave said...

Some may have thought they heard the sound of tornados but it was just the collective WHEW! from those of us empathizing with your dilemma and the relief we felt when you found a solution,...excellent!

Dave Peters

HEWY said...

Always cool to read your blog. It always makes me want to build a boat.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is okay. I miss the build.