Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cockpit tape, part II

Today I completed filleting and taping the joints on the port side of the cockpit area. Even after the practice of the starboard side, the identical job tonight went no faster. It is tedious work to get the epoxy fillets in place with reasonable neatness, overlay the tape, and wet it down with epoxy and then smooth wrinkles and remove air bubbles from under the tape. However, the job is done. While others may be able to produce neater fillets, mine should look decent under the painted finish I have in mind for the interior of this copy of the Mill Creek 16.5. Total hours: 14.25.


OzzyC said...

I saw that you were planning another build, but hadn't gotten back until today. Looks like I've got some reading to do.

OzzyC said...

Okay, I've caught myself up now.

First and foremost: I love the time-lapse videos. Is that a function on your camera, something you do with software, or manually done? (I hope it's not manually.)

When you calculate your time, is it elapsed time, or is it man-hours? I hadn't thought of this until I saw your assistant helping you out.

Peter said...

Fortunately, the time-lapse is a function of the camera, a Canon GL-2. Makes editing relatively easy.

I had just been calculating elapsed time. I hadn't even thought to adjust for man hours. I guess I shouldn't take the hired help for granted! :)

Ron Paro said...

Hi Peter,
I saw your post on the CLC forum from this morning, so I know that you have not been overcome by noxious fumes or anything.

So... how's it going?

Peter said...

Not to fear- I was out of town for the past few days, but should be back building tomorrow.