Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bow fillet and tape

After a brief hiatus for a trip out of town, building of the Mill Creek 16.5 resumed. Today's job was the fillet and taping of the bow compartment. With a now familiar procedure, the joints were filleted with peanut butter thickened epoxy, followed by a fiberglass tape overlay. This was then wetted down with the layer of unthickened epoxy. Doing a neat, smooth job was difficult, especially in the very tip of the bow, for one such as me with less than dainty hands. But tight quarters notwithstanding, the joints were sealed and glued, thus completing the preliminary gluing of the hull. Total hours 15.25.

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Dave said...

I thought I remembered you were going to build another boat so I searched the PMD forum and found the link to this blog. Great to see your work both on the boat and with the camera. And now I can put a voice with a face!

My PMD got sidelined with some paint issues which I will describe on my blog. For now I'm preparing to store Woodstock for the winter and will complete the project next spring.

Back to your project, what made you decide to do the Mill Creek?

Dave P.