Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fill the weave

Another coat of epoxy was rolled on the hull exterior in order to "fill the weave". This is merely the procedure to build up a layer of epoxy just sufficient to cover the texture of the fiberglass cloth and produce a smooth surface for later varnish or paint. The coat last night was very thin; I can see already another will be required.

Also, I have worked out a rough timeline to finish the Mill Creek 16.5 construction. The goal is to have major construction finished by the end of this month. That will allow about two weeks for finishing, varnishing and painting. So by the middle of June, we should be ready for water. The ultimate goal is to paddle around the harbor in Mystic CT during The WoodenBoat Show 2008. Total hours 24.50.

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OzzyC said...

Have you considered leaving the wood unpainted? When my friends and I did our Nice Canoes, we had one that looked incredible without any paint -- so good that we considered leaving it unpainted. In the end, the owner of the boat decided to paint it, much to my disappointment.